I've helped countless of small businesses go online and spend strategically to get the best out of the Internet. I started a small business in 2008 and have learnt from so many mistakes before I turned my company into a million dollar company. I am here to help you not make those mistakes and to speed up the process of getting your business effectively online. 

Free First Time

I will make an arrangement to understand your business and your business needs. From there I will work out a 10 week plan to help you go online effectively. This usually takes around 3-5 days.

10 Weekly Meet Ups

Every week we will do an hour meet up to make sure we are on track. At this point, I will work together with you to make sure we achieve the targets.

Step: 2
Acceptance of 10 Week Plan

Once everything is agreed, we will start on the 10 week plan. Full payment of $3000.00 will be collected at this point. If the business owner or myself feel that I cannot value add, absolutely no payment will be collected.

Compare Results

While it is impossible to guarantee results, I am 99% confident that you will see a vast difference. If I accept your job, I will give me 110% to make sure I deliver results.